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iBoyce Magnetic Shoelaces Closures with Strong Magnets/Permanently available

Sale price USD $9.99 Regular price USD $15.99

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  • WHITE*6
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  • 6 colors-More 5% OFF
  • GRAY
  • BLUE
  • RED
  • 6 colors for adults+6 colors for kids

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iBoyce Magnetic Shoelaces Closures with Strong Magnets/Permanently available
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Can You Imagine That Wearing Shoes Can Also Be Made Quick and Easy Like This?

iBoyce Magnetic Shoelaces Closures is specially designed to free your hands with shoelaces. It comes with a strong magnet that can help you solve the problem of lacing in five seconds. It is very fast and stylish. Gospel for travel hikers, mountain enthusiasts and people living in fast-paced cities.


  • Huge Opening

When  Magnetic Shoelaces closures are separated, it just as if three rows of shoelaces have disappeared. Like shoes are welcoming you, this gives you a huge opening to quickly and easily slide into your shoes. No more squeezing into shoes.

  • Quick opening and closing of the magnet

Just pull the magnets together and they magnetically attach themselves. No more tying, double knotting, or un-knotting.With Magnetic Shoelaces closures, stepping out of your shoes is quick, easy, and the right way to do it. As you pull your foot up the magnets split open leaving your shoes wide open to slip into next time.

  • No Loose Laces

 With  Magnetic Shoelaces closures, there are no laces to come undone, double knot, trip over, unknot or get stuck in bike chains. From now on, you do n’t have to worry about my shoelace suddenly loosening halfway and I need to stop and tie the shoelace.

  • A Clean Look 

Magnetic Shoelaces actually make your shoes look better. Keep your shoelaces that match your shoes but lose the messy bows. Shoe companies never display bows on their shoes because they look ugly. Magnetic Shoelaces give you that clean display-shoe look. 

  • Suitable for All Styles

No matter what style of shoes, boots, running shoes, leather shoes you wear, as long as your shoes are laced, then iBoyce Magnetic Shoelaces Closures applies.

  • Stick your shoes anywhere

With strong magnets on your shoes, you can conveniently hang your shoe in a lot of new places.  You can also attach them to each other to keep them neatly organized in your closet.

  • Use them forever 

You may wear out many pairs of shoes but use the same  Magnetic Shoelaces on all of them.  Magnets don't lose their magnetism over time.


  • Loce onto your shoelaces
  • easily step in
  • close with a snap
  • step on the heel to pop out

About Products :

  • Product Dimensions:3.8 x 2.4 x 0.2 inches ; 0.32 ounces
  • Package includes: 2*Magnetic Shoelaces Closures(A couple)