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iBoyce Children's Basketball Hoop Adjustable Height indoor and outdoor Shooting Toys with Pump

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iBoyce Children's Basketball Hoop Adjustable Height indoor and outdoor Shooting Toys with Pump
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Buy This Basketball Stand for Your Child Now, Enlighten Your Child, Cultivate Interest and Help Grow

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It is specially prepared for preschool children. The biggest feature is that the height of the basketball rack can be constantly adjusted while the child is drunk, to meet the child's arbitrary height needs. It also comes with a basketball and a pump. 

Cultivate your child's interest in sports and help them have a stronger body


  • Height adjustable:The height of the basketball rack can be adjusted according to the height of the child, which can meet children of different ages. Don't worry about the child's height and need to change to a new one. Buying one is equivalent to buying four!
  • It is Stable and Can be Used Indoors or Outdoors:The bottom of the basketball rack can be filled with sand, gravel, water and even soil. To enhance the stability and affordability of the basketball stand. There is no requirement for the environment, and it can be used at any time whether at home or outdoors.

20 Inches              28 Inches              36 Inches              46Inches

  • Material safety:the frame is made of ABS material, smooth and burr-free, strong and durable, don't worry about the child being injured. It is completely tasteless, non-toxic and safe.
  • There are Many Free Supplies:In addition to the main product, we also provide you with four branch pipes for adjusting the height. You can assemble them according to your needs. Also, give you a pump and a basketball for your child's convenience.

How To Install:

About Products :

  • Material:ABC + PVC
  • Age:3+
  • Package includes:1*Children's basketball hoop,4*branch,1*Inflator,1*basketball
  • Size: